Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where are you?

I know some of you are shocked I uttered the word. "Closed!" But not for good. Just for 2 weeks. My family has put up with growing pains and having me awake working 24/7. Before I got laid off I worked so much I hardly saw the people who lived in my house and when I did have "free time" I was so tired I could not even imagine doing anything. So as a thank you to them, I am taking 2 weeks to run away and focus on them. Just us.

First my kids. They can go to summer camp, where I went as a kid and where their Nana went. It is truly heaven on Earth and for one week a year they get to go there. I could not be happier for them. If I could go back there I would. It is truly the most wonderful place on earth. Safe, beautiful and wholesome. This year we are so lucky to have Nana and Gram staying with us. (My mother and grandmother). 4 generations in 1 house. It gets hinky at times but I would not trade it for the world. Memories are so important and in the end no matter what I lose, we will always have these memories.
The next week they go on vacation with their father, and I run away with my fiancee. He who has been so patient with me. He who has watched me laugh and cry, who has encouraged me and calmed me. He who has fixed computers and made spread sheets and invoices and deliveries. We run away together just the 2 of us for the first time in a very very long time. He needs this. We need this. So I am sorry that the frostitution has to wait. But as I go along my journey here I am tasting and being inspired by sights, sounds, and tastes of the local areas that I visit. And I will bring them back to you, in cupcake for so that you can make your own memories, accompanied by cupcakes.
See you soon!