Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cupcakes for a King Y'all

Yup I know. I slacked on posting, what can I say? Life gets a little busy around here sometimes.

My Mom and Gram have always backed me, even when my choices were not the best. I have to admit there was about 7 years when I am sure they were afraid to pick up the phone. Some of those calls included "I'm getting married!" then the "buying an house" call and of course few months later the "we are moving up the wedding day about 9 months because I'm having a baby" call. There was also the "I quit my job and I'm not going back after the baby" call and the "baby #2" call and of course the crushing "I'm getting divorced and will need more help then ever before" call. So when I called saying I was thinking about trying to start a cupcake business, Gram jumped on board right away, so did Mom. I mean hello, who better as taste testers right? Well after tasting some of my cupcakes gram had one suggestion "BIGGER" she said! Bigger is almost always better right? While in Laconia she went to an outlet store and got me some "Texas Size" cupcake pans, as well as TONS of other supplies to help me on my journey into the cupcake world. I had planned on going to the MassICEs convention today. But do to budget restraints and wanting to spend a little more time with the Editor, I decided not to go. But he had hockey so I decided to do a little therapeutic baking with all my new toys. So in honor of Gram I made Valentines cupcakes, lemon zest with pink lemon frosting-- Texas Size Y'all!!!
PS- when recipes say "yields 24 cupcakes" they have never "been to Texas" in Texas 24 means 9!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

You're Mocha'ing Me Crazy

So my friend Anna S. went to the Mall today and sent me these pictures. Yup, you're not seeing things. It's a Cupcake Camper! How cute is that? Not to mention it is a Old School Airstream type camper. I adore it! What a great idea! Cupcakes are all the rage. The more I look and see what is out there the more I am astonished by the ideas that people have. I only hope my creativity can keep up with theirs. Today I made Mocha Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream frosting (See a theme here?) I used Starbucks Via brew for the coffee taste in the Mocha. It is a strong flavor but one I really like. Via Brew is a favorite product of mine because I can literally keep coffee in my purse. As if I need more places to keep it. I can drink it anywhere that has water. Anyhow enough about my Starbucks addiction, I am taking the cupcakes to work tomorrow because I don't want to fill my kids with coffee and sugar and all that and then watch them bounce off the walls. If I am going to do that I will wait for the summer when I can send them to the park. Who knows maybe there will be a Cupcake Camper at the park too!

Todays Samples:

Editor's Note: An Editor's job is never done. 12am midnight and I am up helping HER post about Cupcakes! Something tells me I will have plenty to eat this weekend. None of which will be healthy for me!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Day Off

My idea of a day off generally consists of a slightly shorter than normal list of things to do. With a few chores for others tossed haphazardly in to make like slight less convenient. But this weekend is not most. This weekend. I planned nothing. Literally nothing. The Editor and I decided to sit on the couch/bed all day for 48 hours and watch TV. And 26.5 hours in, we are pretty successful! We have only left The Editor's apartment to procure breakfast at Denny's, a Blu Ray player at Wally World and a candle at Walgreens. That was it. We have sat and watched TV. The Editor doesn't have the tools of the trade like I do at home. But unable to sit still for that long and a slight fear of couch sores made me get off my butt and make some white chocolate cups with chocolate pudding and fruit. Said fruit was growing fur in the fridge and I think it talked back to me when I took it out. So I substituted some frozen fruit instead. They came out pretty good. Easier than I thought. I would prefer to use some custard type filling and some fresh fruit. But like I said, this is a start. Boy is it fun.

I talked to Little Bear about what he thought about opening a cupcake shop. He said it was a good idea, and he would be my chief helper. We love to watch Food Network Challenge together. So who knows, maybe this will develop into a family thing. The lemon zest cupcakes went over really well. Gram suggested they be bigger and I have to agree with her. But a start is a start.

Editor's Note: They were good. Very very good. Especially considering they were only our 2nd meal of our incredibly productive day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Legalized Frostitution

Welcome to my site-

My name is Cathy and I have huge Cupcake dreams! I have decided that I want to open up a cupcake and coffee cafĂ©. The name and slogan have yet to be decided but I am taking suggestions. I am on the slow track… working on the 5 year plan here. I am a single Mom with 2 kids, Punkin *girl age 4* and Little Bear *boy age 6 almost 7*. I also have a boyfriend a.k.a. The Editor. I write the Blog, he makes it sound good. We also have a cat, Fuzz *almost 2*. I currently work in Medical Billing, my job is well… undefined. But I like it. I work for the OBGYN Department mostly. The Editor lives about 75 miles away but we are incredibly close as a family. Closer than most I would say.

All things considered I tend to be a little short on time quite often and I am careful with costs. So culinary school, is well, OUT. Wait does 2 hours of FOOD NETWORK a day count as Culinary school? If so I should have a diploma by now! Other than that most of what I know comes from watching my Gram as a kid, reading cookbooks and recipes, reading other cupcake blogs and Courses 1 and 2 of Wilton Cake Decorating at Michaels Craft Store. Yes I bow at the alter of Wilton. Is there any other cake decoration alter?

Thus far I have attempted Peanutbutter cupcakes… which were too dry. Must figure that one out. But gosh darn it smelled good. Gram asked for some lemon cupcakes. So I made some with lemon buttercream frosting. Thanks to the Editor who got me a Kitchen Aid *a HUGE surprise, I may or may not have squeeled like a little girl for hours* they came out much better. I used my traditional butter cream frosting recipe and it just tasted better and fluffier. Much nicer consistency. Not nearly as heavy.

See for yourself

So here is a question for those of you out there… if you are out there… what is your favorite cupcake related site??? What makes it your favorite??