Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dancing the Days Away

Days are simply flying by between planning the engagement party, family, work and trying to start the cupcake business. Several big steps have been taken thought. First off, I received my ServSafe Certification. I am pretty proud of that, some of the things I learned were pretty frightening. Also a name has been decided upon. VCVC Cupcakes. Do you like it? I do!!! It is my initials. After the name was decided upon, business cards were printed!!! This is all becoming so real!! I am also working on getting a formal website with ordering info on it, prices, flavor combination ideas and a decent portfolio on it.

So with that I shall leave you with some pictures of some recent project photos. I really enjoy doing this. A passion that I sort of fell into. I never thought of myself as creative, maybe I was wrong... maybe I found my talent. PS... the ballet cupcakes... were a HUGE hit!!!