Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mission #1 complete

I made it through my first order pick up! It was a tad hectic, but we made it! My friend T called and asked for some cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday. He wanted 12 strawberry "OMG those are big ass" cupcakes. Since he likes to hunt and is a tad redneck I decided he could not just have pink cupcakes with white frosting. NO WAY! This is a guy who goes camping and likes to hunt!! Heck he kicks my butt at Big Buck Hunter whenever I am over. Anyhow I decided he needed camo cupcakes.

The first batch I was not a big fan of. I used a few too many egg whites and cake flour. So on the 2nd batch I used more pureed strawberries and regular flower and of course fewer egg whites. Perfection!! And much to my shock, I loved how my camo came out. Even the editor was impressed!! T sent a picture of the birthday boy chowing down on his cupcake and said they were a huge hit!! The batter tasted like strawberry ice cream and the cuppies were fluffy and tasty. So for now I leave you with some pictures. Drool... then email me and tell me what I can make for you!