Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cupcakes for a King Y'all

Yup I know. I slacked on posting, what can I say? Life gets a little busy around here sometimes.

My Mom and Gram have always backed me, even when my choices were not the best. I have to admit there was about 7 years when I am sure they were afraid to pick up the phone. Some of those calls included "I'm getting married!" then the "buying an house" call and of course few months later the "we are moving up the wedding day about 9 months because I'm having a baby" call. There was also the "I quit my job and I'm not going back after the baby" call and the "baby #2" call and of course the crushing "I'm getting divorced and will need more help then ever before" call. So when I called saying I was thinking about trying to start a cupcake business, Gram jumped on board right away, so did Mom. I mean hello, who better as taste testers right? Well after tasting some of my cupcakes gram had one suggestion "BIGGER" she said! Bigger is almost always better right? While in Laconia she went to an outlet store and got me some "Texas Size" cupcake pans, as well as TONS of other supplies to help me on my journey into the cupcake world. I had planned on going to the MassICEs convention today. But do to budget restraints and wanting to spend a little more time with the Editor, I decided not to go. But he had hockey so I decided to do a little therapeutic baking with all my new toys. So in honor of Gram I made Valentines cupcakes, lemon zest with pink lemon frosting-- Texas Size Y'all!!!
PS- when recipes say "yields 24 cupcakes" they have never "been to Texas" in Texas 24 means 9!!!