Monday, January 18, 2010

You're Mocha'ing Me Crazy

So my friend Anna S. went to the Mall today and sent me these pictures. Yup, you're not seeing things. It's a Cupcake Camper! How cute is that? Not to mention it is a Old School Airstream type camper. I adore it! What a great idea! Cupcakes are all the rage. The more I look and see what is out there the more I am astonished by the ideas that people have. I only hope my creativity can keep up with theirs. Today I made Mocha Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream frosting (See a theme here?) I used Starbucks Via brew for the coffee taste in the Mocha. It is a strong flavor but one I really like. Via Brew is a favorite product of mine because I can literally keep coffee in my purse. As if I need more places to keep it. I can drink it anywhere that has water. Anyhow enough about my Starbucks addiction, I am taking the cupcakes to work tomorrow because I don't want to fill my kids with coffee and sugar and all that and then watch them bounce off the walls. If I am going to do that I will wait for the summer when I can send them to the park. Who knows maybe there will be a Cupcake Camper at the park too!

Todays Samples:

Editor's Note: An Editor's job is never done. 12am midnight and I am up helping HER post about Cupcakes! Something tells me I will have plenty to eat this weekend. None of which will be healthy for me!