Monday, January 11, 2010

Legalized Frostitution

Welcome to my site-

My name is Cathy and I have huge Cupcake dreams! I have decided that I want to open up a cupcake and coffee café. The name and slogan have yet to be decided but I am taking suggestions. I am on the slow track… working on the 5 year plan here. I am a single Mom with 2 kids, Punkin *girl age 4* and Little Bear *boy age 6 almost 7*. I also have a boyfriend a.k.a. The Editor. I write the Blog, he makes it sound good. We also have a cat, Fuzz *almost 2*. I currently work in Medical Billing, my job is well… undefined. But I like it. I work for the OBGYN Department mostly. The Editor lives about 75 miles away but we are incredibly close as a family. Closer than most I would say.

All things considered I tend to be a little short on time quite often and I am careful with costs. So culinary school, is well, OUT. Wait does 2 hours of FOOD NETWORK a day count as Culinary school? If so I should have a diploma by now! Other than that most of what I know comes from watching my Gram as a kid, reading cookbooks and recipes, reading other cupcake blogs and Courses 1 and 2 of Wilton Cake Decorating at Michaels Craft Store. Yes I bow at the alter of Wilton. Is there any other cake decoration alter?

Thus far I have attempted Peanutbutter cupcakes… which were too dry. Must figure that one out. But gosh darn it smelled good. Gram asked for some lemon cupcakes. So I made some with lemon buttercream frosting. Thanks to the Editor who got me a Kitchen Aid *a HUGE surprise, I may or may not have squeeled like a little girl for hours* they came out much better. I used my traditional butter cream frosting recipe and it just tasted better and fluffier. Much nicer consistency. Not nearly as heavy.

See for yourself

So here is a question for those of you out there… if you are out there… what is your favorite cupcake related site??? What makes it your favorite??